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Beet Supplements

Beet Root is a good source of vitamins & minerals, especially an easy to assimilate iron. It is suitable for anemia, toning and rebuilding the liver, as well as beneficial for slimming and fat digestion.
A popular table vegetable, especially in Northern Europe, beets are a good source of iron and other nutrients. The Greeks held this root in great esteem, offering it on a silver platter to the god, Apollo. In the middle ages, a meal was not considered complete without beetroot soup.

Walter Schoenenberger, a German research chemist, is a respected leader in the field of fresh plant juice therapy. He states, ” I base my life’s work upon the development of a new and natural form of healing…Fresh Plant Juice Therapy”.

Beet Root is one of the greatest and longest valued of all plants that heal traditionally.

 Benefits of Beets | What else can Beet Root help with?

Red Beet Root acts as a splendid organic cleanser, not only of the liver, but also of the kidneys and gall bladder. Taking this helps stimulate the activity of the lymphatic system for coughs, colds and bronchial disorders.
One study on Beet Root found it has a blood sugar stabilising effect.

It is helpful in:

The digestion of fats
Gall bladder infections
Digestive problems
Toning and rebuilding the liver